Bridget Sinnott

Bridget SinnottFemale View treeBorn: 1930-02-14Died: 1988-05-24
Father: Nicholas SinnottMother: Mary Stafford
Children: none
Siblings: Jimmy Sinnott, Willie Sinnott, Kitty Sinnott, Peggy Sinnott, Nellie Sinnott, John Sinnott, Peter Sinnott, Mary Sinnott, Watty Sinnott

Bridget Sinnott was born in Wexford on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 1930. She married Michael Kehoe and had five children; Anne, Nicholas, Kevin, Sean and Pauline. The family moved to Shirebrook, Derbyshire in 1959 where Michael worked in the coal mining pits.